Between A Rock and a Hard Place


How many times have you heard yourself using this phrase? I know I have used it and heard it umpteen thousand times over my lifetime. Everyone knows what it means. It means stuck, with seemingly no where to go. In actuality, it may mean choosing between losses: which one do I want to suffer.

Some feel that the upcoming presidential election offers that choice. Others feel that this is what their financial situation presents. Many times we may feel that we are put in this position in our relationship or lack of one.

So what do you do? What can you do?

First, I think  you must accurately assess the situation. How much is reality and how much is fear. Anxiety can fuel a pretty intense imagination. It can take you down a road that dead ends at the “worst possible scenario.”

Second, determine what you actually have control over. Is there any element that is not outside of your ability to influence? Taking some sort of action is usually better than waiting for the circumstances to catch up with you. Sometimes just facing the problem can lessen the overall damage.

Third, adjust any negative attitude that is getting in the way. Are you stuck because you are in a power struggle with someone and your pride is holding you back from progress? Is there a lack of forgiveness on your part? This is common in family feuds. Members of a family can be too stubborn to reconcile even though it is quite possible. No one wants to make the first overture. It is always “You first”. Humility is a powerful healing agent.

Fourth, is God last? When all else fails, do you then think about prayer? Perhaps this should be the first order of business instead of the last. Do you think of prayer as weak or ineffectual? Have you ever even given God a chance? Do you say you believe, but doubt overwhelms you? Trust me, you are not alone.

Sometimes grief is the only choice. Yes, there are times when you are completely powerless. No matter what you do you cannot affect the outcome. This is where faith in God is priceless — trusting in an ultimate plan predicated on his love for you. 

I wish I could turn the clock back 25 years. Getting older doesn’t thrill me (not getting any older doesn’t thrill me either). The cold hard truth is that I am powerless to get back the years that have passed. It is not so much about regretting those years – they have been good. It’s realizing that some opportunities are time sensitive and require youthful energy. I must grieve that reality.

What gives me hope is knowing that I have the choice of my attitude towards the things I cannot change. Sort of like the serenity prayer.

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  1. Thank you for your sensitive and honest thoughts. This was beautiful in depth and vulnerability, I needed to read this. I miss you!🌻Leslie

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