Silly Boys, Dates are for Men!

silly boys

Guest post by Brooklyn Pugmire

With each generation, I have noticed a change in the way dating is approached. In my grandparents’ generation, it was “courting”. The fine gentleman would ask the lovely lady out to dinner or a movie and tell her exactly why. Example: “Why hello there, I find you to be beautiful and I am curious to know if your heart has all the same qualities. Can I take you out this Friday at 7 pm?” BAM. Mission is understood.

My parents’ generation was similar, just a bit less formal. Example: “Hey! You’re cute and fun and sweet, let me take you out!” Again, I understand what is being asked here.

Let’s fast forward to now. Example: “Hey, we should meet for coffee sometime and talk more.” Uh okay cool. I guess we are going to meet up and hang out then. So…is this a coffee date? I guess I’ll have to wait and see if he pays, but if he pays, is he just being a gentleman? If I invited him, would he expect me to pay? Why are we meeting? He can’t pick me up? Is it because he thinks I might be a psychopath? Is he actually interested in me? Is he attracted to me?  Ohhhhhh No. Wait. This is networking. I can’t believe it. He just networked me.

Personally, as a single girl in a world of single boys, I like the straightforward approach just like in my grandparents’ generation or even my parents’ generation. When did it become dangerous to compliment a lady and then continue with asking her out on a date?

I personally think a “networking” date is an easy way out of being rejected and is just plain confusing for both parties. If it was a normal date, it would only take one or two dates to realize if you want to continue. On a “networking” date, it will take two or three “outings” just to figure out if it’s a date or not.

I’m all for keeping it simple. Aren’t you?



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